Postfordism&Chill // title track of debut album

In a virtual world tainted with noise and glitches, „Postfordism and Chill“ teleports us right back to the virtual plaza! Combining library samples with original synthesizer work and 808 beats, Bubble Keiki バブル景気 crafts a debut unique in many ways. Staying true to the „sound of 2013“ that put the final touch on the sonic sculpture of Vaporwave, the album is full of moments guaranteed to warp you deep into the cyberspace pool as well as featuring collaborations with PZA, KARATE KING 空手王, PENTIUM2 and BALENTSバランス.

From classic-style to Vaportrap and muzak-injected tracks „Postfordism and Chill“ walks along vaporwave and chillout territories in a way only classics walk. Welcome back!